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Yes you can, in play store search screen record, I use one called REC. It's a red square with white camera in it with REC. On the camera in red. Just turn it on and record the gameplay. Now if you want to make it as easy as it's on iPhone and record any app function, you need to use third-party apps from the play store.

Where does the Sound Recorder app save the recordings?

You can use any of them to record your screen. I would use an app which gives a widget for faster access and keeps in on one of the home screens. It's not as fast as accessing control panel but that's the closest we can get. Yeah, all you have to do is install snapchat then open game launcher, once opened tap on the three dots in the top right corner, then tap on add a game, then tap snap chat.

Then launch snapchat from the game launcher then start recording using the game tools widget. Its because google who owns android unsure if you knew this purposely bans screen recording with internal audio for some reason, even the Play Games app doesnt do internal audio.

Samsung doesn't seem to have a built-in feature to record screen. I always use a free third-party app. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Screen recording.Do you want to capture activities on the Samsung device and save it as a video file? Whether you want to make a video demo of any apps or Android troubleshooting on the phone, show off your game scores, you can make use of the screen casting capability in Android OS. This requires professional knowledge. In this article, we will show you how to do it in a much easier way via the free third party app, AZ Screen Recorder for Android.

The AZ screen recorder is free without time limits or watermarks. To record Samsung phone screen using this recording app is very easy and intuitive. Once launched, it will display a series of circles on your screen with shortcuts to record, capture and more. Simply click the Record icon at the floating toolbar on your Samsung phone screen. Allow the capturing, you will see the countdown. The screen recording begins automatically after the countdown. When you want to pause or stop the recording, swipe down on your phone screen to pull down your notifications and access the recording controls from there.

You will find they are saved in mp4 format which is compatible with all major phones, tablets, computers and players. If you like customize the settings such as where the screen recording videos are saved on the phone, add text or logo to screen recordings, show screen touches, click the Settings gear icon at the floating menu, you will then find the options. Update Nov this article was originally published in Oct and has since been updated.

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Skip to content Do you want to capture activities on the Samsung device and save it as a video file? How to record screen of Samsung mobile phone To record Samsung phone screen using this recording app is very easy and intuitive. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases.

Add to Wishlist. Samsung Voice Recorder is designed to provide you an easy and wonderful recording experience with high quality sound, while also offering playback and editing capabilities. The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed. Required permissions. Microphone: Used for recording function. Storage: Used to save recorded files Optional permissions.

Telephone: Used to decline calls received while recording and provide Voice Label function. Reviews Review Policy.

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Support Q OS 2. Fix incompatibility issues Don't show recorded files, Cannot save recording file to SD card 3. Support Landscape and Multi-Window mode 4. Improve Sound Wave fast scroll performance 5. Reduce APK size. View details. Flag as inappropriate.

samsung screen recorder zip file

More by Samsung Electronics Co.With much of the hype centered around its powerful cameras, it's easy to overlook the equally impressive audio capabilities of the Galaxy S9.

But many of these audio enhancements aren't enabled by default, so you have to dig deep within your phone's settings and turn them on to maximize your audio experience — particularly when playing any form of media. Because of this, we've rounded up six tips you can easily perform right now to get the most out of your S9's speakers, earbuds, or Bluetooth headphones.

This feature provides you noticeably better audio quality while playing media, and it elevates your device's AKG-tuned stereo speakers to their full potential. Unfortunately, toggling Dolby Atmos on or off can be a bit of a hassle since you have to dig fairly deep in your phone's settings to access it.

There's a workaround that lets you quickly enable Dolby Atmos at a moment's notice, courtesy of the S9's Quick Settings menu. To add this feature on for quicker access, swipe down twice from the top edge of your screen to pull up Quick Settings in full, then tap on the menu button next to the settings cog and select "Button Order" from the popup.

samsung screen recorder zip file

Now, drag and drop the Dolby Atmos Quick Settings tile to your preferred location within the menu, then tap on "Done" to confirm and exit. You can now instantly enable this awesome feature by tapping the toggle you just added to enhance audio any time you're playing media.

The Galaxy S9 has a hidden feature that significantly improves audio quality while using headphones. Adapt Sound, as it's called, customizes your S9's audio settings to perfectly match your own hearing through a series of hearing tests. The end result is a dramatic improvement of audio quality when using any set of headphones.

samsung screen recorder zip file

From there, choose "Personalize Sound" to initiate the hearing test and tailor audio exclusively to your ears. Preview your sound profile once you've completed the test, then hit "Save" to wrap things up.

For a full guide on Adapt Sound, check out the link below. On of my biggest frustrations with previous Galaxy models was the slight delay in adjusting media volume when using the volume rocker.

Because the volume buttons are set to adjust the ringtone by default, any media that you play will will have its volume set to previous settings for a few seconds until you're able to tweak it using the volume keys. If it was set at full volume, headaches can ensue.

The S9 finally has this problem solved — you now have the ability to make your volume buttons control media by default. SoundAssistant is Samsung's very own app that's designed specifically for tweaking audio settings on Galaxy phones.With Steps Recorder, formerly called Problem Steps Recorder or PSRa recording is made of the actions you take on your computer which you can then send to the person or group helping you with your computer problem.

Making a recording with Steps Recorder is extremely easy to do which is a major reason it's such a valuable tool. There have always been programs that could record your screen but Microsoft has made this process very easy and specific to problem-helping. How long it takes to use Steps Recorder depends almost entirely on how long of a recording you're making but most will probably be less than a few minutes in length. Steps Recorder should start immediately.

Remember, prior to Windows 10 this program is called Problem Steps Recorder but is otherwise identical. This is an unusually small, rectangular program as shown in the screenshot above and it often appears near the top of the screen.

It could be easy to miss depending on what you already have open and running on your computer.

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Steps Recorder will make screenshots of what's on your computer screen and include those in the recording you save and then send off for support. Unrelated open programs in the screenshots could be distracting.

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Before you start the recording, think about the process involved in producing whatever issue you're trying to demonstrate. Steps Recorder will now log information and take a screenshot every time you complete an action, like a mouse click, finger tap, program opening or closing, etc. This is really useful if you'd like to point out something specific that's occurring on the screen to the person who's helping you out. Once stopped, you'll see the results of the recording in a report that appears below the original Steps Recorder window.

In early versions of Problem Steps Recorder, you may be first prompted to save the recorded steps. Skip to Step Assuming the recording looks helpful, and you don't see anything sensitive in the screenshots like passwords or payment information, it's time to save the recording. The only thing left to do is get the file you saved in Step 10 to the person or group helping you out with your problem.

You can do this by choosing the down arrow next to the question mark in Steps Recorder. Click or tap on Settings Tweet Share Email.So, recently I dropped my Galaxy s7 on its back onto concrete and the screen recieved minor cracks, but it will not turn on and is completely black. I tried doing this already, but when I open the Samsung Phones files on my computer, it shows up blank and this is probably due to the cause that you have to switch the USB option on the phone to "file transfer.

Go to Solution. I'm going to go a bit off the beaten path on this one to suggest this, only if you're willing to at least It's going to require that your phone already had USB Debugging enabled on your phone previously though.

The fine folks over at the XDA Dev forums seem to have a program that was created for this very thing. View solution in original post. This will allow you to plug and hook your phone up to be viewable on your computer.

If you're able to get this working, you should be able to access Smart Switch and do a nice easy backup. I tried using SideSync and connected my phone to the computer with a USB cable, but it's not connecting.

Are you getting any sort of error messages when it doesn't connect, or does it just not do anything when plugged in? I'm having similar issue. However, the instructions for using the software are to open the softwared on the device i'm connecting - but I can't because the screen is unusable. Is there a solution to move the data from the phone without having to interact on the screen of the phone? You are asked to suggest simple and free options not trying to collect money. I am having the same problem with my S7.

Smart Switch and Side Sync dont work. Surely there is a way?

samsung screen recorder zip file

Smart Switch and Side Sync would require you to still be able to unlock the device. If the screen is broken bad enough to not be able to unlock the device then those won't help. The connection of a mouse via OTB is a great way to access a screen that is non responsive, but if you have a cracked or black screen, one cannot see where to direct the mouse.

Therefore, ineffective for those issues. Sign In.Although this version has been discontinued, you can access our library of guides, videos, knowledge base articles and community discussions any time. Visit the Discontinued products and customer support program page for more information. If the software subscription or license is still active, you can contact SMART technical support for more assistance.

How To Use Windows 10’s Built-in Screen Recorder

If you connect a microphone to your computer, you can record your voice as well. After you create a recording, you can play the recording on any computer using Windows Media Player Windows operating systems or QuickTime software macOS operating system software.

In macOS operating system software, tap the Recording Quality tab. Although a higher frame rate produces higher quality recordings, it also increases the file size.

Tap the Video Format tab. Tap the Target Files tab. Tap the Browse button next to the Default Save Directory box.

Tap the Browse button next to the Temporary Files Directory box. For best performance, save files and temporary files on the same drive to reduce the time needed to save a recording. Select the Warn me if free disk space is below check box, and then type a disk space limit to display a message when available disk space is low.

Tap the Watermark tab. The Watermark Properties dialog box appears. A preview of your selected image appears in the Preview pane.

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A preview image appears in the Preview pane. Select ColorFont and Transparency settings. If you connect a microphone to your computer, you can record your voice. In macOS operating system software, you can create the recording as a video file that you can view using QuickTime software.

To record a screen area, tap the down arrow next to the Record button in SMART Recorder, select Record Areaand then draw a rectangle around the area you want to record. If you need to reduce the file size of the recording, limit the recording to a rectangular area of the screen or to a window. Perform the on-screen actions you want to record.

Samsung Screen Recorder!

If you connected a microphone to your computer, speak into your microphone. The information in this dialog box includes the file location of the recording, file size and duration of the recording.

If you want to view the recording after you close this dialog box, select Play Recording.

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